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Do you have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off again this year, looking for the ideal gifts for friends and family members? Could it be that you start to like said friends and family members a bit less as you stand in line for an hour to purchase a gift that they will most likely return 24 hours later?

A theme-specific gift certificate shows just how much you appreciate your loved-ones’ interests, without presuming to know exactly what they would choose. So do yourself and the people on your gift list a favor this season, and do your shopping line-free with these music gift certificate suggestions.

Stringy Things

From a music-printed necktie to a brand new electric instrument, there are many wishes large and small that can be fulfilled with a gift certificate to these specialized websites.
In the USA, Johnson String Instrument features a tremendous array of all things strings, and purchases of 40 dollars or more are shipped for free within the continental USA.
In Europe, Paganino offers one-stop shopping for the bow-owner in your life. Shipping is free within Germany for orders of 50 euros or more. Check the website for shipping costs in other countries.

Spinning Things

The youngest generation may not believe it, but there are still many classical music fans dedicated to sustaining the cult of the physical CD, complete with case and leaflet, and fingerprints from loving use.
ArkivMusic specializes in classical music CDs, including a whole catalog of out-of-print recordings. ArkivMusic is US-based, so shipping can get costly beyond North America.
If you have a great classical music CD store where you live, check whether they sell gift certificates. In Berlin, there is a fantastic selection at Dussmann. They don’t deliver, but that’s just as well, because it is a pleasure to browse the shelves. (Site in German)

Unforgettable Things

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but we would be remiss if we did not mention the 20,000 live classical music and opera performances per year behind every Classictic Gift Certificate. It is the ideal gift to show the music-lovers in your life that you support their passion.

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